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First Pregnancy Class

Medication List

Medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding


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Below are some of the Obstetrics services that we specialize in:

Pregnant? Think! Don’t Drink!


Courtesy of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

Birthing Options at Strong Memorial Hospital

You will have your baby at Strong Memorial Hospital. Tours of the birth center are offered regularly. You may sign up for a free tour by calling the 585-275-4058.

Childbirth Education

  • New OB Class – this is a free 1 hour seminar held every other week on Wednesday evenings. The class is a thorough discussion for newly pregnant women and their partners about pregnancy management, nutrition and exercise in pregnancy, lab and genetic tests among many other topics. You will be offered the opportunity to register for this class at the conclusion of your initial phone call with our nurse.

You will deliver your baby at Strong Hospital. Strong offers a variety of classes to help prepare mothers and their partners for labor and delivery, parenting issues and preparing for hospital stay. Please open the link for specific information.

To register please call 585-275-0096

Comprehensive Maternity Care

Congratulations! Your first appointment for maternity care will be scheduled when you are approximately 8-10 weeks pregnant. One of our nurses will call you before your first visit to complete a thorough review of your medical and obstetrical history.

Your visits will continue on a monthly basis until you are 32 weeks, at this point you will be seen for 2 weeks visits until your last month when we will ask you to come every week until delivery. At each visit, the nurse will weigh you, check your blood pressure and she will have you leave a urine specimen to check for protein and sugar. Your doctor will listen to the baby’s heartbeat beginning at your 12 week appointment and every visit thereafter and the doctor will discuss information important for each stage of pregnancy at your visits.

You will deliver your baby at Strong Memorial Hospital. We will ask you to schedule an appointment for about 4-6 weeks after your baby is born to do a complete exam and discuss issues involving caring for yourself, your baby and contraceptive concerns.

Classes are given in the office.

Your delivery will be at Strong Memorial Hospital. Your doctor will want to see you 4 to 6 weeks after the baby is born to do a complete exam & discuss caring for yourself as a new mother & planning contraception.

High Risk Pregnancy Management

As a ParkWest obstetrical patient, you will have your baby at SMH. This affords you the opportunity of having a family-oriented birth experience with the security of having the best in medical care that Rochester has to offer, should your condition or that of your baby warrant it.


Our ultrasonographers will do any first trimester ultrasound, including first trimester screening, that is required; we ask the SMH obstetrical ultrasonographers to look at your baby in the second & third trimesters. These ultrasounds are read by the perinatologist (obstetricians that specialize in high risk pregnancy).



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